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11, Sep 2019

Best bars to go London – Kerridges,a fine dining experience awaits you

Established at Corinthia Hotel London is Kerridge’s Bar & Grill, the first London restaurant by renowned Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge. Everything started back to 2011, where The Hand and Flowers in Marlow was the first pub to win two Michelin stars, by Tom Kerridge hands.  This was the needed move to make it as one of the best bars to go London!

Restaurant bar lighting ideas

Meanwhile, in London – the same year – David Collins Studio unveiled its interior for Massimo Restaurant & Bar at the new flashy five-star Corinthia Hotel. Kerridge’s Bar & Grill is a relaxed brasserie-style restaurant dining room with an adjacent bar open all day.  The grand, high-ceilinged restaurant space seats 90 covers and is furnished with a mixture of leather upholstered restaurant dining chairs and deep button-backed banquettes with a dark green and burgundy colour palette.

Along with David Collins Studio, DPA lighting consultants were brought in to complete the bar lighting design. Having previously worked with Corinthia Hotel London on different projects, the team were asked back to create a design that met the needs of the hotel’s overall aesthetic, budget, timeframe and ease of use.

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The original design for the Massimo Restaurant and Grill was pastel-toned with a central line of giant glass bauble chandeliers in the centre of the vast room. Kerridge had a clear vision to create a much more personal, intimate and romantic environment for his diners. Aware that the weight of bearing a Michelin status can put some potential customers off from visiting, Kerridge felt it was key to draw inspiration from his pub in Marlow that welcomes all into its comfortable restaurant dining experience.


Restaurant bar lighting ideas Restaurant bar lighting ideas

Upon entering the Corinthia Hotel London restaurant, customers are welcomed by large barrels of real ale that present a sense of familiarity through scent and sight that immediately sets the tone for the dining space. Taking historical inspiration from the Victorian aesthetics, the interior design team decided to paint the vaulted ceiling a deep green, which draws the high ceilings down to a more comfortable human level. It is also in keeping with the architecture of the Corinthia Hotel London, which is believed to be from the Victorian era. Throughout the cosy and rich bar interior design, chunky dark restaurant bar furniture complements the dark green ceiling, creating an intimate dining experience.  Classically proportioned, the brasserie-style restaurant, once a vision of light, beige and creamy tones, has been transformed by David Collins Studio into a darker, more seductive space.


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David Collins bar ideas Kerridges Bar Grill David Collins bar ideas Kerridges Bar Grill

Each area of the restaurant space was carefully identified and allocated a specific bar lighting fixture to suit its needs. Ceiling spots were integrated into large openings to allow each table to be individually lit, ensuring the food and service look good at all times. The architectural spotlighting was provided with narrow beam lamps and existing spotlights were re-lamped to narrow beams to allow for easing focus on dining, artwork and countertops at low levels. Tungsten halogen lamp picture lights illuminate artworks in the bar area and sculptures in niches have miniature LED warm white spot uplights.

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Written by Rita Rodrigues

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